White Noise Machine


Sound machine and nightlight in one. Choose white noise or one of ten natural sounds including ocean, crickets or lullaby. Auto-off feature.


With built-in high-end quality speaker, this sound machine offers you a comfortable & relaxing listening experience. The machine has 7 white noise, 7 fan sounds, 10 relaxing natural sounds (forest, ocean, lullaby, stream, crickets, thunder and fetal tone).

The Sound Machine features an optional night light which provides extra sense of safety and lull babies into sound sleep. To turn off the night light, simply press the light button in the center of the sound machine.

The noise machine for sleeping can be played continuously or 30, 60, 90 min auto-off timer options available. Set a timer on sound machine to make efficient use and save electricity; The white noise machine will remember the last setting of light, sound, volume and timer



daily $2
one week $12
two weeks $20


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